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Orangutan Applause

Kami membuat website Orangutanapplause.com pada tahun 2016 dengan pemiliki Bapak Arief Nugroho. Website Orangutanapplause.com ini adalah website Tour Travel khusus tour melihat orangutan di alam liar di Kalimantan. Website ini kami buat dengan bahasa yang digunakan adalah bahasa inggris karena wisatawan yang berkunjung lebih banyak dari luar negeri terutama Eropa.

jasa pembuatan website

Borneo Alase is our brand for Orangutan Souvenir, the stone to step our small business. We choose nature and conservation issues to apply on our product. We just thinking about involving local people by providing handicraft as souvenir and spreading knowledge about biodiversity caring for people around.

Borneo Primate Tour working to provide orangutan tour guide and management focused in Borneo. We start with experiences as a guide and working as research assistant-then a staff of research station in the park. Borneo Primate Tour is our way to support conservation efforts of threatened Orangutan and its globally important habitat, the tropical forests in Borneo.

Our mission is providing green jobs opportunities for local people through ecotourism activities to support sustainable utilization non-timber forest. It is important to faring the local people welfare so they wouldn’t depend on the forest and take its direct advantages. We called strengthening border the national park. We are working with a dream: living harmony between people and biodiversity.


Link Website: www.orangutanapplause.com

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